University Admissions and the University Admissions Scandal

For today’s American Culture and History lesson, we’re going to learn about University Admissions and The University Admissions Scandal.

So let’s get to the fact of the day. Right, so speaking of cutting corners and the college admissions scandal, we’re going to talk about what it’s like to get into college in the US. But before we begin, let’s do a refresher on some terminology used to talk about levels of education.

We say preschool for the school you go to from ages 3 to 4. Elementary school from age 5 to 12, middle school from about age 12 to 14. And high school from about age 14 to 18. In the United States, we use the term college to describe all educational institutions after high school. Most often it describes a place where you can get a four-year degree. So there are few different types of colleges in the U.S. I’ll just name the most common: So private and public universities, state schools, community colleges and trade schools.

So trade schools are also known as vocational schools or vocational colleges. And they teach you a certain skill. So someone who wants to be a hairstylist maybe, a cosmetologist, an electrician, maybe a welder, massage therapist, they might go to a trade school.

Community colleges are smaller and more affordable and also less competitive than state schools or universities. And many cities have their own community colleges. There are a lot of high school grads (graduates) who choose to go there because they can save a little bit of money for the first few years and then transfer to a state school or university. Also really great one if you want to do an exchange in the United States, highly recommend (the) Community College in Santa Barbara. It overlooks the ocean. Take a look online.

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