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    My Students say

    "Once you become more proficient and you love the language you study, the language becomes a part of you and so it’s natural to feel the need to keep your language learning routine and always wanting to speak it at every opportunity. Every lesson with Shana is never the same and always a remarkable experience. That’s why even after 100 lessons I’m motivated to continue this language learning journey."
    Andrea Rizzato
    Student from Italy
    "No words to describe how good Shana's lessons are. She can talk about anything, and she is always in a good mood. She is very encouraging and patient. Very intelligent and knows what to do to support her students."
    Douglas Cunha
    Student from Brazil
    "I never imagined my last class with Shana. After 107 lessons, I only have words of gratitude to her. She not only helped me improve my English A LOT (I have a lot more to improve though), but also changed the way I learn English. Over the last three years, she proposed countless methods which made me enjoy the process of learning English. Shana also helped my achieve my English-related goals over these three years: Getting a good score in the IELTS and getting an offer to study in the UK. Thank you!!!"
    Eladio Hurtado
    Student from Chile
    "Shana, you were AWESOME with my students! Thanks so much for the warmth and patience, as well as for the answer video to them!!"
    Andrea Schmitz
    ESL Teacher in São Paulo

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    • The primary goal of the American English Classroom (AE Classroom) is to act as a tool to rapidly improve your understanding and use of American English.
    • The AE Classroom is an online classroom where you can learn American English by completing weekly lessons, communicate with other learners, earn badges for completing quizzes and receive all new bonus content and material for episodes. 
    • Those who join the American English Classroom have access to the courses  provided by the American English Podcast. Courses will contain multiple lessons and topics that focus on developing your skills in  listening, speaking, writing, and reading.
    • Current Courses include:
    • The American English Accent Course
    • The Beginner’s Course
    • American Culture and History Course – Part 1.
    • Enroll, log in, create a profile, enroll in any course, discuss courses, make friends, and take your American English to the next level!

    If you’re still not sure if this decision is right for you contact us at theamericanenglishpodcast [@] gmail [.] com

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