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Improve Your Accent to Build Confidence and Connect Better With Native Speakers

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The American English Accent Course was designed for non-native English speakers who want to improve their ability to speak like native speakers from the United States. 

The content within this course was used over the past 5 years in my Intermediate to Advanced English Classes online. After approximately 3,000 one-on-one classes taken by about 200 students, I've decided to turn the material that helped them into a course. So The American English Accent Course was born. 

The American English Accent Course


This Course Includes

4 Hours of Audio

110 Pages of PDFs

1.5 Hours of Video

Visual Explanations illustrating tongue and mouth movement.

Shadowing exercises with fun images.

Step-by-step process with goals.

Instructions on how to do techniques.

Resources and guides how to use them.

+ All future lessons added to this course.

How it's Taught

Video lessons are the core of this, particularly for the pronunciation aspect so that you can get close ups of my tongue and teeth, mouth muscles and tension. Imagery is used when not visible. 

For every lesson there are many exercises that must be completed to work your tongue muscles and achieve both fine-tune sounds, difficult consonants and the foundations of accent from reduced forms to linking. 

If you have any questions, I'm always here to help! I created this to benefit YOU, so please write me with any doubts.


Part 1: Getting Started

    • Recording to Track Progress
    • Setting Goals & Making a Commitment
    • Get Corrected: How to Find a Language Partner

Part 2: Foundations of a Good American Accent

    • Reduced Forms
    • Syllable Stress
    • Word Stress & Melody

Part 3: Vowel Sounds and Minimal Pairs

    • Introduction to Vowels, Spelling and Magic E
    • Schwa ə
    • Vowel U + Minimal pairs [ʊ] vs. [u:]: Would vs. Wooed, Look vs. Luke
    • Vowel A + Minimal pairs [ɛ] vs. [æ]: Bed vs. Bad / Men vs. Man / Said vs. Sad
    • Vowel O + The difference between [ɑ] vs. {ɔ}
    • Vowel I + Minimal pairs [I} vs. {i}: Heal vs. Hill / These vs. This / Keys vs. Kiss
    • "Y"at the End of Words + "EE"

Part 4: Difficult Sounds for Non-Natives

    • ED Endings
    • TH Sound + Linking
    • Dark L
    • R vs. H (Brazilian challenge)

Part 5: Resources and How To Use Them

    • Audiobooks
    • Voice Actors
    • Music
    • Ted Talks
    • Podcasts


What level of English do I need to take this course?

If you have at least a lower intermediate level you'll be able to benefit most from this course, because there are a lot of exercises that will help your language acquisition outside of just mastering the American Accent.

How long will I have access to this Course?

You will have a lifetime access to this course once you purchase it. 

What's included?

Videos, audio files, and PDFs of all material taught. You will get 1.5 hours of video and 4 hours of audio. All new pronunciation content created will be added to this course and available to you free of charge.

How can I tell whether I'm progressing?

This is one of the biggest questions when it comes to accent. Specific instructions are provided inside of this course to help you track your progress as well as tips to get your accent analyzed for free. I am also available to you if you have any questions. Please write me at

What if I am unhappy with this course?

I create courses for you (not me!) so if you're unhappy, please let me know within the first 30 days after purchasing and I will return your money to you.


Dark L vs. Light L

Can you hear a difference between pool and pull? What about fool and full?

This lesson on the Light vs. Dark L is part of the "Difficult Sound" Section of the Course.

Dark L. Watch Video to Learn More.

Why Sound Native?

People will understand you better and you will understand others better. If one of your language goals is spoken communication then improving your accent should be your ultimate goal. The better your accent, the easier it will be for others to understand you. Learning how to use the right stress and intonation, reduced forms and the melody of the language will help you achieve this.

A good accent can boost your confidence: Being confident means knowing how to control the impact of your words. This will make you less shy and help you connect with others. If you’ve ever sat among a group of natives and thought, wow, “I’m acting weird” or “I sound weird,” relax, you’re not alone. 

In my opinion, speaking confidently in a foreign language is a result of 1. Knowing how and when to use tenses 2. Knowing how and when to use vocabulary and phrases and 3. ACCENT. Speaking like others around you will make you more confident.  

Don’t let people think you speak a language WORSE than you do, just because of your accent. Not everyone you meet is bilingual or understands what it’s like to be a language learner. They may speak slower and use easier language, which can be incredibly frustrating if you’ve spent a long time working on mastering your fluency.

About Your Teacher

I’ve studied German, French, Spanish and Portuguese intensively over the past 13 years and love how language allows you to connect with others. I’ve always been interested in accent and how to improve it for just that reason; can an accent make you seem more foreign?

I’ve taught ESL since 2011 and have worked exclusively with Intermediate and Advanced English students, many who wanted to improve their accent. This course is a compilation of lots of classes taught, books read and analysis of the way Americans speak. 

The tips and exercises are taught in the way I’d like to be taught accent. Hope you enjoy!

Get the course!

Build the foundation you need to communicate better. 


The American english accent course

  • 4 Hours of Audio
  • 1.5 Hours Video Instruction
  • The American English Accent Workbook
  • PDFs + Mp3s
  • Shadowing Exercises
  • How to Techniques
  • All Future Accent Lessons
  • Resources and Instructional Guide
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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My Students say

"Once you become more proficient and you love the language you study, the language becomes a part of you and so it’s natural to feel the need to keep your language learning routine and always wanting to speak it at every opportunity. Every lesson with Shana is never the same and always a remarkable experience. That’s why even after 100 lessons I’m motivated to continue this language learning journey."
Andrea Rizzato
Student from Italy
"No words to describe how good Shana's lessons are. She can talk about anything, and she is always in a good mood. She is very encouraging and patient. Very intelligent and knows what to do to support her students."
Douglas Cunha
Student from Brazil
"I never imagined my last class with Shana. After 107 lessons, I only have words of gratitude to her. She not only helped me improve my English A LOT (I have a lot more to improve though), but also changed the way I learn English. Over the last three years, she proposed countless methods which made me enjoy the process of learning English. Shana also helped my achieve my English-related goals over these three years: Getting a good score in the IELTS and getting an offer to study in the UK. Thank you!!!"
Eladio Hurtado
Student from Chile
"Shana, you were AWESOME with my students! Thanks so much for the warmth and patience, as well as for the answer video to them!!"
Andrea Schmitz
ESL Teacher in São Paulo