The Monster Study - Wendell Johnson

129.2 – The Monster Study

The Monster Study (aka Tudor Study) is an unethical psychology experiment that was conducted in 1939 on 22 orphans in Davenport, Iowa. The goal was to a test the theory that by deeply worrying about starting to stutter, one may develop the speech disorder. Mary Tudor, a graduate student attempted to induce stuttering – to create the behavior – in fluent speakers.

American Culture and History Lesson - The Amish Communities in the U.S.

The Amish Communities in the U.S.

For today’s American Culture and History lesson, we’re going to learn about The Amish. All right, so let’s begin the fun fact. Can you guess who I’m talking about? So this group has the fastest growing population in the U.S.. Many within this group do not use modern technology such