Discover Illinois with Jackie from Ask Jackie!

162- Discover Illinois with Jackie (from Ask Jackie)

Situated on the scenic shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is also a hot spot for art enthusiasts. It’s not only home to world-class museums and iconic architecture, it’s also the home city of today’s guest, Jackie Katsis, who is an ESL teacher and a well-known YouTuber from the channel “Ask Jackie.”

We’ll begin today’s episode by getting to know this wonderful Chicagoan, and then we’ll discover Chicago and Illinois with her. You’ll hear about Jackie’s experience with tornadoes, learn the nuances of the Chicago accent, you’ll hear about the food, and you’ll get a local’s perspective on how to make the most out of your next trip to Chicago. This is a fun one. Let’s do it!

The Story of NASA and Space Travel

NASA and Space Travel

For today’s American Culture and History lesson, we’re going to learn about NASA and Space Travel. In this lesson we’ll learn all about Nasa and its achievements in Space Exploration over the years. NASA is a government-funded agency of the US that stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Americans