moving across the U.S.

158 – Moving Across the U.S. with Lucas

Moving across the United States is a significant event that brings with it a mix of excitement and challenges. Just last month, Lucas made the cross-country road trip from California to North Carolina, and today he’s here to talk about the experience.

This is a casual and fun conversation with lots to take away, even if you’re not relocating! We talk about the change of scenery from the West to East Coast, the vast and diverse landscape of the U.S., and how the culture differs as you travel. Learn how to make the most of a cross-country roadtrip from the careful planning to the unique cuisine. Hopefully at some point you also get the chance to take a roadtrip! 🙂

Decades - The 1980s with Alex

155 – Decades: The 1980s with Alex

Today, my uncle Alex will paint his 1980s world for you in his own words. Get ready for college, fun on the beach, Silicon Valley in its infancy and a big earthquake. Oh! And of course a lot of decade-specific vocab! Do you know what a Walkman is? By the end of this episode you will.