Intermediate Storytelling

Review Intermediate Grammar and Tell Stories in English with Confidence.

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Over two hundred students in the past 8 years started taking one-on-one classes with me at Intermediate level. For most, their first class complaints sounded like this: 

"I have an intermediate level, but I don't really know how to improve. "

"I don't know what mistakes I'm making." 

If this sounds familiar to you you're normal and this is the right course to get you right on track. 

There's a point in time in everyone's learning process where a plateau is reached.

That's a period of time where you don't know how to improve your level and it feels like you aren't improving as rapidly as you did in the beginning. You might feel a little bit demotivated because you don't hear or see progress that was obvious in the first months of learning. 

This is the FIRST thing that needs to be changed. 

In the beginning of this course, before I get to all of the storytelling aspect, I teach how to track your language learning progress. After all, hearing results is what builds self-motivation and without it, how do we know if what we're doing is 1. Effective or 2. Worth our money. 

That's the first thing. Before making any routine, having a system in place will serve as markers for you to look back and say, hey, that's me 1 month ago, 2 months ago, etc. 

The second problem listed above, is "I don't know what mistakes I'm making." Lucky for you and for me this isn't rocket science.

When people reach an intermediate level the mistakes in terms of grammar are pretty much the same among ESL students around the world. People from China struggle with the Present Perfect just as much as people from Brazil. 

After teaching around 3,000 classes using the material provided in this course, I've realized a few things, some grammar points are simply harder to internalize for students than others. These grammar points requires extra attention. That's why I've provided lots of exercises for particular tenses and extra videos of native speakers using this tense with REAL stories. 

Another crucial requirement of learning is repetition. That's the beauty of storytelling, each lesson will build on the next and so "when all is said and done" (by the end) you will have used each tense many, many times. 

Each challenging grammar point contains multiple facets, which at times may seem excessive, but it's this repetitiveness that  ensures that you will get enough exposure to it. After all, we all have our preferred methods of learning (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and some of us also need more examples to make sense of tenses in our own way. 

(I'm having flashbacks to myself at 16 trying to learn French. I just wanted the teacher to explain it like she was talking to a dumb 4 year old and then give me a million examples to actually learn it.)

The goal of this course is to make you feel confident in telling stories.

Why? Stories, whether simple or complex, tragic or happy, mundane or exciting - they're the narrative of our existence and the base of our communication with others. 

The grammar reviewed in this course is fundamental to the most interesting stories we tell (in my opinion!). With it, you'll be able to talk about your childhood, your crazy vacations and activities, your firsts, how you would, could or should live your life, how you could have, would have, or should have done things in the past and even the things we would do if I we had the opportunity, or things you would do in my shoes. 

(Does it) Sound challenging? Good, you're in the right place. 


Part 1: Our Pasts

    • Would vs. Used To 
    • Simple Past Irregular Verbs
    •  Pronunciation: Ed Endings (10 - 13)
    • Past Continuous 
    • Past Perfect
    • Past Perfect Continuous 
    • Present Perfect Continuous 
    • Present Perfect with Life Experience  
    • 100 Have You Ever Questions 

Part 2: Conditionals

    • Introduction
    • Conditional 1
    • Conditional 2
      • Would you rather? 
      • Giving Advice 
    • Conditional 3


What level of English do I need to take this course?

If you have at least a lower intermediate level you'll be able to benefit most from this course, as you need a basic foundation just of the simple present and enough vocabulary to begin conversing.

How long will I have access to this Course?

You will have a lifetime access to this course once you purchase it. 

What's included?

Videos, audio files, and PDFs of all material taught. 

How can I tell whether I'm progressing?

This is one of the biggest questions I get and I have tips to mark progress which will be provided in this course.  I am also available to you if you have any questions. Please write me at

What if I am unhappy with this course?

I create courses for you (not me!) so if you're unhappy, please let me know within the first 30 days after purchasing and I will return your money to you.

Coming Soon . . .

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Fill the gaps in your language ability by reinforcing the foundations of correct speech.

All of the lessons inside of this course were taken directly from my one-on-one classes with over 200 students. The methodology has been proven again and again.

In this course, you’ll not only learn from the videos and audio content, but you’ll use the target language actively.

You need to use language in order internalize it. When you internalize something, it means it’s at your disposal when the moment arrives to use it.  You wouldn’t give a speech to 1,000 people without practicing, would you? 

This course provides you with the learning material, but also gives you instruction and an outlet to use it. 

We will communicate through video call. We will write. We will tell our stories of our friends and family and we will use these stories to connect with each other, which is the first step to talking to others on the outside. 

About Your Teacher

Hi! My name is Shana and I’m a Californian ESL teacher who’s had the opportunity to teach in Spain, Brazil and online with students from around the world.

I work primarily with intermediate and advanced level students who want to improve their pronunciation, grammar and fluency in different topics! 

I love to travel, hike, bake  and learn languages. I’ve studied German, French, Spanish and Portuguese intensively over the past 13 years and love how language has allowed me to connect with people from around the world.

I currently live in Northern California with my husband Lucas, who is my former student (:0) and our daughter Julia. 

My Students Say:

"Once you become more proficient and you love the language you study, the language becomes a part of you and so it’s natural to feel the need to keep your language learning routine and always wanting to speak it at every opportunity. Every lesson with Shana is never the same and always a remarkable experience. That’s why even after 100 lessons I’m motivated to continue this language learning journey."
Andrea Rizzato
Student from Italy
"No words to describe how good Shana's lessons are. She can talk about anything, and she is always in a good mood. She is very encouraging and patient. Very intelligent and knows what to do to support her students."
Douglas Cunha
Student from Brazil
"I never imagined my last class with Shana. After 107 lessons, I only have words of gratitude to her. She not only helped me improve my English A LOT (I have a lot more to improve though), but also changed the way I learn English. Over the last three years, she proposed countless methods which made me enjoy the process of learning English. Shana also helped my achieve my English-related goals over these three years: Getting a good score in the IELTS and getting an offer to study in the UK. Thank you!!!"
Eladio Hurtado
Student from Chile
"Shana, you were AWESOME with my students! Thanks so much for the warmth and patience, as well as for the answer video to them!!"
Andrea Schmitz
ESL Teacher in São Paulo
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