There are number of people in the world who have been displaced because of war. Many of these individuals need to resettle in unfamiliar countries where supplies are lacking, severely. 

The situation in Ukraine has directly impacted many of my listeners and close friends and there’s so much we can do to help. Just a little effort can go a long way. 

Below, you’ll find a list of organizations and individual projects that were organized to help families who have lost all of their possessions, including their homes. There is currently a high demand for medical supplies, baby products and more (see the lists below).

I’ve done my best with the help of friends and listeners to make sure that this list is legitimate and that any donations do not get into the wrong hands. If you believe it could be improved, please write to me on Instagram @americanenglishpodcast. 


Host Ukrainian Refugees – Tip:  You can do it for free on Airbnb.

Donate to Protect Children in the Ukraine – UNICEF

Send Physical Products to Aid Collection Centers – Check out the lists of what’s needed and send a package directly. 

  • Pack all the goods in a way that allows them to reach Ukraine undamaged (e.g. boxes).
  • Detail the contents of the package (i.e. what, how much, etc.). The text should be in English and be easily noticeable. Use permanent markers, stickers, etc.

OTHER Organizations helping

The Polish Humanitarian Action  – An organization feeding, housing and assisting refugees (many have temporarily gone to Poland).

International Red Cross – A politically neutral organization. "The ICRC water engineers and doctors aim to help more than 3 million people access clean water and improve the living conditions of more than 66,000 whose homes have been damaged by heavy fighting."

Doctors Without Borders – "Our supply centers are currently preparing medical kits for rapid dispatch. We have sent additional emergency teams to the region, and our staff are currently assessing the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and other neighboring countries."

Other Ways You Can Help


Why is this on this website? The short answer: Because I care.

While pursuing a Masters degree in Potsdam, Germany in 2014, I was fortunate to study integration and assimilation of refugees in Europe. It was at a time when many Syrian refugees were coming into Berlin and the surrounding area and normal people, like you and me, were helping gather bicycles, clothing and other supplies to help the influx of new residents adapt easier.

I hosted a weekly language event there where many refugees attended and connected with locals. It was such a simple thing, but it made me realize how a little bit of effort on my end could be so helpful to others.

Refugees, whatever their country of origin or political belief, should have the opportunity to reset.

Why? Because they’re humans.

Potential friends are everywhere in the world and language allows us to connect with them. At the end of the day, when we have friends in other countries it’s less likely we’ll go to war with them.