044 - Driving in the u.s.: Vocabulary and rules


In this week's episode, I share important rules about DRIVING IN THE UNITED STATES, and talk to my mom and dad about their DRIVING EXPERIENCE.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

Hi, everyone. About a month ago, I posted a podcast episode about my husband’s green card. He actually came on. It was episode number 38 and talked about our experience going through that entire process. We’re still over the moon about that. Right after we got the green card we called the lawyer and they told us that we needed to go do a few things. First, we needed to go to the Social Security office and let them know that he got it and also go to get his driver’s license. So we went to the DMV last week to do that.

DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles and every normal sized city in the US has a DMV. It’s the location where we go to get IDs, or Identification, to get drivers licenses, to register to vote and do really anything else that’s related to automobiles or vehicles. The lines there are usually very long and the wait time is too.

We showed up at the DMV somewhat clueless about what we would need to do. And the woman at the counter informed us that, first of all, Lucas needs to get a California driver’s license. Apparently, once you’re a resident of California, you can no longer drive with an international license if you’re from another state even you have to register at the DMV within 20 days. Secondly, she said, in order to get the driver’s license, he needed to take a written test and a behind the wheel test, meaning that he has to actually do the official driving test inside of a car.

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