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  • a knack forDefinition: A talent / ability for something. Example: The professors in the linguistics department have a knack for languages. In English, we always "have" a knack for something.
  • donuts 
  • doughnuts 
  • fizzle out 
  • inconvenience 
  • overcast 
  • party favor 
  • savoryIn a food category that is either salty, spicy, sour, bitter, etc. but NOT sweet.
  • sweet tooth 
  • tandem sessionA tandem session is a meeting in which time is divided between two languages so that two learners have the opportunity to practice (eg. A German person learning Spanish and a Spanish person learning German).
  • the world is your oysterYou can do anything you want or go anywhere you want in life.
    Daughter: I'm thinking of going to Rome and then to Paris!  Mom: The world is your oyster! Make the most of it.
  • account forDefinition: to be responsible for Example: He misbehaved and now he must account for his bad behavior.   Read More
  • act upDefinition: to misbehave Example: I'm sorry about my daughter, she acts up when she's tired. Definition: to not work / function properly Example: My car is acting up and I need to take it to the shop.
  • turn upDefinition: to appear; to make its location known. Example: After searching for hours, my wallet finally turned up. When something turns up it means its location becomes known. If someone turns up to a party, it means they make an appearance; they come.