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Do you want to improve your accent so that you’re easily understood by native speakers of English? This course is designed to teach the nuances of American English (pronunciation, stress, linking, reductions and more). 

The Intermediate Course was created over the course of 6 years; the material was tested on over 200 students. Through entertaining stories with native speakers and light, easy-to-understand grammar lessons, you’ll master some of the most challenging aspects of English. 

Affiliate Courses

There are many English teachers and courses on the internet and as a learner, it can be hard to know which ones are going to deliver. I want YOU to succeed. That’s why I’ve teamed up with some teachers that I trust to point you in the right direction. Note that these are  affiliate links; I will receive a commission if you purchase.

3 Keys IELTS – Personal Coach Plan (Get $50 Off)

If you’re thinking about going overseas to work or study in an English speaking country, the IELTS exam is one of the internationally accepted exams to prove your English ability. What is odd and surprising for many, is that preparing for the exam can be fun (sounds hard to believe, but it’s true).

With an experienced teacher and the right material, you’ll hone in on the most challenging sections (speaking and writing) of the IELTS exam and gain the skills and confidence to succeed. The IELTS course by the reputable company, All Ears English, is an organized route that guarantees results. Get $50 Off the Personal Coach plan with our link.

Business English Course – Check out a Sample Lesson

Before creating the American English Podcast and all of my own content, I taught English online. For specific areas of study, I relied on course content made by Shayna from Espresso English. I can vouch for the quality of her material and for the way she teaches. Since I currently do not have material for the below-listed topics, I’ve become an affiliate of her courses. I know you’ll love her work! 

Take Language Classes Online

As a language teacher, my go-to teaching sites were always italki and Verbling and that’s also where I’ve searched for high quality language teachers. 

The sites have search functionality that allows you to look for the teacher’s country of origin, whether they’re a professional, their cost, availability and speciality. 

I personally only book teachers with 5 stars or more stars and a number of reviews. Look for a teacher.

About Your Teacher

My name is Shana and I’m an ESL teacher from California. 

As a teacher, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach English in Brazil, Spain, Germany, and throughout the US. By doing so, I’ve gotten close to over 3,000 intermediate-advanced level students!

I’m a language learner, like you. In what free time I find, I learn German and French. Also, my husband Lucas and I are raising our two daughters in Portuguese! 🙂

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