Courses in the classroom

Once a week, ONE or MORE new LESSONS are added to one of the courses below.

To be able to access the lesson, you will need to join the classroom. 

American Culture and History

The American Culture and History courses breaks down each fun fact of the American English Podcast Expression episodes. There are 20 lessons in each course.

Each lesson in this course contains:

  • Vocabulary + Phrase Breakdown
  • Conversation Questions
  • Listening Comprehension Quiz


                           Beginner Course

How well do you remember the basics? This course contains everything you need to know to talk about the fundamentals of English:

  • Basic Topics
  • Knowledge of the United States
  • Exercises
  • Beginner Book

Everyone who has an intermediate level or higher should go back to the basics to ensure they’ve learned everything correctly. Do it!

Interview Course

A new lesson is posted when a new interview is released on the podcast. this course and contain:

  • Transcript
  • Listening Comprehension Quiz
  • Video Lesson of Challenging Vocab
  • Vocabulary Quiz 
  • Shadowing Exercise

Analyze and learn how native English speakers speak naturally!

The American English Accent Course

There are many ways to practice accent, but the quickest way to see results is by working through all aspects of what makes an accent: word stress, sentence stress, reductions and pronunciation (vowels, consonants and diphthongs!).

Moving through each area meticulously with videos and exercises will force you to evaluate the ways Americans speak and allow you to take the steps needed to achieve similar results. You’ll also be given in-depth instructions on how to track your progress so that you can motivate yourself to keep going. 

My Students say

"Once you become more proficient and you love the language you study, the language becomes a part of you and so it’s natural to feel the need to keep your language learning routine and always wanting to speak it at every opportunity. Every lesson with Shana is never the same and always a remarkable experience. That’s why even after 100 lessons I’m motivated to continue this language learning journey."
Andrea Rizzato
Student from Italy
"No words to describe how good Shana's lessons are. She can talk about anything, and she is always in a good mood. She is very encouraging and patient. Very intelligent and knows what to do to support her students."
Douglas Cunha
Student from Brazil
"I never imagined my last class with Shana. After 107 lessons, I only have words of gratitude to her. She not only helped me improve my English A LOT (I have a lot more to improve though), but also changed the way I learn English. Over the last three years, she proposed countless methods which made me enjoy the process of learning English. Shana also helped my achieve my English-related goals over these three years: Getting a good score in the IELTS and getting an offer to study in the UK. Thank you!!!"
Eladio Hurtado
Student from Chile
"Shana, you were AWESOME with my students! Thanks so much for the warmth and patience, as well as for the answer video to them!!"
Andrea Schmitz
ESL Teacher in São Paulo

Not Part of the Classroom

Intermediate Storytelling Course

Do you doubt your grammar when you tell stories in English? This course is designed to cover the most challenging tenses and moods of Intermediate students. 

This material has been tried and tested in around 3,000 English classes. 

You will be required to produce content for the course.