Expression: To Hit Rock Bottom

164 – Expression: To Hit Rock Bottom

To hit rock bottom is a common expression in American English, and today’s lesson you’ll learn exactly how to use it. In addition to learning how to use this idiom, you’ll hear a joke, we’ll hear comments from the audience, and we’ll go through a pronunciation exercise!

Expression: Gimme Some Sugar

160 – Expression: Gimme Some Sugar!

“Gimme some sugar” is a common American English expression used to express desire for physical affection, whether that be some cuddles, a hug, a kiss or even a fist pump! It’s a playful idiom, and today, you’ll learn its origin and hear a number of examples so that you can hear how native speakers would use it in various contexts.

The Boston Tea Party

154.2 – The Boston Tea Party

Boston is situated in present-day Massachusetts, right on the northern Atlantic coastline. It’s picturesque, it’s lively and it’s steeped in stories of how the United States gained its independence from Britain. Today you’ll hear those tales of organization, patriotism and madness: This is the Boston Tea Party.