089 – Dessert Adjectives with Charlie

089 – Dessert adjectives with charlie Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Learn plenty of new adjectives to describe desserts more creatively in English. Hi Everyone! Christmas is just a few days away and what better way to prepare than by learning how to describe desserts in English. Whether you celebrate Christmas or

084 – College Life with Jessica Buenaventura

084 – Chat with Jessica: College Life in Santa Barbara Listen to Jessica (my college roomie) and I talk about our college experiences at UC Santa Barbara. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Hi, Everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode. Today, you’re going to hear a chat with my college roommate and good

076 – Portmanteaus with Liz

076 – Portmanteaus with Liz In this episode, you’ll hear Liz and I play a game using COMMON PORTMANTEAUS IN ENGLISH! Hi Everyone! In this episode, Liz and I are going to play a game with common portmanteaus. The word portmanteau originally comes from French, and from my understanding, it’s