Discover Illinois with Jackie from Ask Jackie!

162- Discover Illinois with Jackie (from Ask Jackie)

Situated on the scenic shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is also a hot spot for art enthusiasts. It’s not only home to world-class museums and iconic architecture, it’s also the home city of today’s guest, Jackie Katsis, who is an ESL teacher and a well-known YouTuber from the channel “Ask Jackie.”

We’ll begin today’s episode by getting to know this wonderful Chicagoan, and then we’ll discover Chicago and Illinois with her. You’ll hear about Jackie’s experience with tornadoes, learn the nuances of the Chicago accent, you’ll hear about the food, and you’ll get a local’s perspective on how to make the most out of your next trip to Chicago. This is a fun one. Let’s do it!

moving across the U.S.

158 – Moving Across the U.S. with Lucas

Moving across the United States is a significant event that brings with it a mix of excitement and challenges. Just last month, Lucas made the cross-country road trip from California to North Carolina, and today he’s here to talk about the experience.

This is a casual and fun conversation with lots to take away, even if you’re not relocating! We talk about the change of scenery from the West to East Coast, the vast and diverse landscape of the U.S., and how the culture differs as you travel. Learn how to make the most of a cross-country roadtrip from the careful planning to the unique cuisine. Hopefully at some point you also get the chance to take a roadtrip! 🙂

Discover Maine with Brent

145 – Discover Maine with Brent

Brent Watson, also known as “Speak English with This Guy,” is a middle school English teacher from Maine. In this episode, he shares his experience growing up in the Pine Tree State! You’ll learn about the local delicacies, such as lobster, whoopee pies and moxie and learn how you, as a visitor, can take advantage of the state.

Discover Connecticut with Natalie Sawicki

142 – Discover Connecticut with Natalie

Natalie Sawicki, a songwriter in L.A. and native to Connecticut, tells us all about what it’s like growing up in the “Nutmeg State.” From fall foliage to local creameries, scenic hikes and more, it’s worth meeting a local to know what’s up! Let’s discover Connecticut together.

Discover Colorado with Lindsay

132 – Discover Colorado with Lindsay McMahon

Today, Lindsay takes us on a journey to discover Colorado, one of the most stunning mountainous states in the western United States. On our 3-day trip to Colorado, via audio, we’ll not only get a taste of what it’s like to be a tourist there, but hear from a local’s standpoint what culture, beauty and adventures awaits us.

Discover Washington with Philip Clem

127 – Discover Washington with Philip Clem

Discover Washington with Philip Clem, a talented singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Listen to his perspective on the state, its stereotypes, culture, food and more. Philip Clem is a talented singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington who has lived in San Francisco, Spain and now Los Angeles, California. Let’s learn from his experience!