Expression: Gimme Some Sugar

160 – Expression: Gimme Some Sugar!

“Gimme some sugar” is a common American English expression used to express desire for physical affection, whether that be some cuddles, a hug, a kiss or even a fist pump! It’s a playful idiom, and today, you’ll learn its origin and hear a number of examples so that you can hear how native speakers would use it in various contexts.

home renovation

159 – 5-Minute English: Home Renovation

Last month, my family and I moved into a new home, and in English, it’s what we’d call a fixer upper. We are in the process of fixing our house up, and today you’ll hear a true story about the process. In this 5-minute English episode, you’ll learn how to talk about home renovations and repairs in English. This is a topic-specific lesson, so it’s jam-packed with vocabulary you will need if this topic arises in conversation.

moving across the U.S.

158 – Moving Across the U.S. with Lucas

Moving across the United States is a significant event that brings with it a mix of excitement and challenges. Just last month, Lucas made the cross-country road trip from California to North Carolina, and today he’s here to talk about the experience.

This is a casual and fun conversation with lots to take away, even if you’re not relocating! We talk about the change of scenery from the West to East Coast, the vast and diverse landscape of the U.S., and how the culture differs as you travel. Learn how to make the most of a cross-country roadtrip from the careful planning to the unique cuisine. Hopefully at some point you also get the chance to take a roadtrip! 🙂

Decades - The 1980s with Alex

155 – Decades: The 1980s with Alex

Today, my uncle Alex will paint his 1980s world for you in his own words. Get ready for college, fun on the beach, Silicon Valley in its infancy and a big earthquake. Oh! And of course a lot of decade-specific vocab! Do you know what a Walkman is? By the end of this episode you will.

The Boston Tea Party

154.2 – The Boston Tea Party

Boston is situated in present-day Massachusetts, right on the northern Atlantic coastline. It’s picturesque, it’s lively and it’s steeped in stories of how the United States gained its independence from Britain. Today you’ll hear those tales of organization, patriotism and madness: This is the Boston Tea Party.

Shopping for Clothes

153 – 5-Minute English: Shopping for Clothes

Every year, more and more people buy clothes online, but today, you are heading to the mall with your stylish friend, Katrina. Your mission is to buy a new wardrobe (a whole new set of clothes). Listen and learn the vocabulary, phrases and collocations we use when talking about clothing in English! You’ll learn adjectives to describe the good, the bad and the ugly, expressions to comment on style and so much more. If you ever intend to buy clothes in the United States, you can’t miss this episode.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

152 – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a quaint village nestled in the Hudson Valley, in New York. There, many many years ago a peculiar schoolteacher named Ichabod Crane becomes part of the spooky legend of the Headless Horseman.

Today you’ll hear “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and learn about the heart-pounding events that took place on one fateful Halloween night.

Moose in the U.S.

151.2 – Moose in the U.S.

Why should you listen to a podcast episode about moose? Is it worth your time? Yes, I just need you to trust me here. You’ll learn a lot of English words related to nature and animals, you’ll hear about the lives of these fascinating mammals and hear some odd stories of those moments when their lives coincide with ours. That’s right, Moose live in many northern U.S. states. We’ll answer questions like: 1. What is it like to live near moose?2. Will I be attacked by a moose in the Northeast?2. Do Americans hunt moose? Do they eat moose?This episode might also save your life.