home renovation

159 – 5-Minute English: Home Renovation

Last month, my family and I moved into a new home, and in English, it’s what we’d call a fixer upper. We are in the process of fixing our house up, and today you’ll hear a true story about the process. In this 5-minute English episode, you’ll learn how to talk about home renovations and repairs in English. This is a topic-specific lesson, so it’s jam-packed with vocabulary you will need if this topic arises in conversation.

Shopping for Clothes

153 – 5-Minute English: Shopping for Clothes

Every year, more and more people buy clothes online, but today, you are heading to the mall with your stylish friend, Katrina. Your mission is to buy a new wardrobe (a whole new set of clothes). Listen and learn the vocabulary, phrases and collocations we use when talking about clothing in English! You’ll learn adjectives to describe the good, the bad and the ugly, expressions to comment on style and so much more. If you ever intend to buy clothes in the United States, you can’t miss this episode.