Discover Colorado with Lindsay

132 – Discover Colorado with Lindsay McMahon

Today, Lindsay takes us on a journey to discover Colorado, one of the most stunning mountainous states in the western United States. On our 3-day trip to Colorado, via audio, we’ll not only get a taste of what it’s like to be a tourist there, but hear from a local’s standpoint what culture, beauty and adventures awaits us.

The Monster Study - Wendell Johnson

129.2 – The Monster Study

The Monster Study (aka Tudor Study) is an unethical psychology experiment that was conducted in 1939 on 22 orphans in Davenport, Iowa. The goal was to a test the theory that by deeply worrying about starting to stutter, one may develop the speech disorder. Mary Tudor, a graduate student attempted to induce stuttering – to create the behavior – in fluent speakers.

Practice Speaking in English

Practice Speaking in English

Speaking: One of the biggest challenges? Back in 2019, I started sending an email to listeners asking what their biggest challenges are. I’ve received hundreds of responses and there’s a trend in the responses. #1. Listening Comprehension. Many people claim that they can’t understand T.V. shows because the conversations are Read more…