Moose in the U.S.

151.2 – Moose in the U.S.

Why should you listen to a podcast episode about moose? Is it worth your time? Yes, I just need you to trust me here. You’ll learn a lot of English words related to nature and animals, you’ll hear about the lives of these fascinating mammals and hear some odd stories of those moments when their lives coincide with ours. That’s right, Moose live in many northern U.S. states. We’ll answer questions like: 1. What is it like to live near moose?2. Will I be attacked by a moose in the Northeast?2. Do Americans hunt moose? Do they eat moose?This episode might also save your life.

Review of Season 3 - American English Podcast

150 – Review: Season 3

Two years ago, I started Season 3 (Episodes 101 – 150) and it’s been a journey. In this episode, you’ll hear about the many cultural topics we covered in the past 50 episodes. You’ll hear which episodes were the most popular among listeners, which stories left me speechless and which ones I found incredibly useful.

Discover Maine with Brent

145 – Discover Maine with Brent

Brent Watson, also known as “Speak English with This Guy,” is a middle school English teacher from Maine. In this episode, he shares his experience growing up in the Pine Tree State! You’ll learn about the local delicacies, such as lobster, whoopee pies and moxie and learn how you, as a visitor, can take advantage of the state.