Amazon Go Stores

For today’s American Culture and History lesson, we’re going to learn about Amazon Go Stores.

So if you don’t follow tech news this topic might be a bit surprising for you, and in fact it might just blow your mind. Amazon has stores where you just walk out. They call it a just walk out shopping experience. There are no cashiers, no cash registers, no checkout experience whatsoever. Essentially you go in and go up and down the aisles, just like in a regular grocery store, you fill up your bags with food . . . and they’re (the items) automatically added to a virtual shopping cart. And when you’re ready, you leave the store. After you leave the store, a receipt will show up on your Amazon Go app.

So what in the world is this?

Well, the first Amazon Go location was launched in Seattle in 2016 and the idea has been growing like crazy. By 2021, Amazon plans on opening 3,000 locations around the United States. And so they’re still sort of in their beta testing phase where they’re rolling out different ideas, trying different homemade or Amazon-made products, such as sandwiches soups and trying to see how the audience, how the customers, are responding to this.

Amazon Go Store - Image from Business Insider

Amazon Go Store – Image from Business Insider

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