A Day at the Beach

Hi, everyone. Since it’s midsummer at the moment, there’s no better topic than the one I chose for today: A day at the beach.

In this episode, you’ll hear a ton of beach-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations, all of which are presented in a short time frame. 5 minutes is the goal, although it might go a little longer. This is an advanced listening exercise, so don’t stress if you don’t understand everything. What you can do is one of two things: You can take notes, look up vocab, and do all of the grunt work of learning the challenging words and phrases on your own, or take the easy route and sign up to premium content for this episode.

The premium content for 5-minute English episodes includes everything you need in order to master the challenging terms you hear in the audio. You are given the definitions for key vocabulary, exercises to practice it, as well as quizzes to make sure you’ve learned everything that you should have. There’s also a pronunciation video and a challenge. All Premium Content can be found in the episode notes or on the website at americanenglishpodcast.com. For today, you will need to use your imagination. If you’re somewhere loud and crazy, pause the audio and go somewhere where you won’t be distracted. Let yourself fall into the story. Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

Ahead of you is a vast expanse of blue ocean. Behind you are sand dunes, some palm trees and rocky cliffs. There you are on the sand, atop a soft beach towel, rays of sunlight heating every inch of your body. When you close your eyes, the world disappears, and all you can hear is the crash of waves on the shore.


  • Pacific Beach – San Diego
  • Pismo Beach – near San Luis Obispo
  • La Jolla – near San Diego (go kayaking + look at the lion sharks below!)
  • Zuma Beach – Malibu (this is our go-to beach)
  • Santa Cruz (go to the Boardwalk boardwalk, SO fun!)
  • East Beach (downtown Santa Barbara – I love this because of the beach / city combo:))
  • Most people from California would probably also recommend Santa Monica ( go on rides at the pier and shopping on 3rd Street) / Venice Beach for its canals and Abbott Kinney Blvd for shopping, then of course Laguna Beach (go to Urth cafe!). All of the beaches south of Malibu are pretty awesome (Manhattan, Redondo, etc.)


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