5-Minute English: 3 Trending Diets to Lose Winter Weight

055 – 5-Minute English: 3 Trending Diets to Lose Winter Weight

Hi Everyone! This week’s episode is the first in a series called 5-Minute English. These episodes dive into the challenging vocabulary and phrases of one specific topic to help you become fluent in one topic at a time.

Today the topic is “Dieting.” Words and phrases are taught through introducing 3 Trending Diets To Lose Winter Weight.

The bonus material is extensive: pdf transcript, must-know vocabulary and definitions, vocabulary quizzes, preposition quiz, listening comprehension quiz and conversation questions. As a language teacher or student, the material has achievable stepping stones to help you measure your progress.



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    1. Hi Aiden,

      Do you mean transcription for episode #55? 5-Minute English:3 trending Diets to Lose Winter Weight? Let me know. This will eventually be part of a course, but I’m happy to send one bonus lesson as a free sample. To get them as they come out you can sign up in the Classroom 🙂 – Shana