Learn English with The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby

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Once again, we’re ready for a start. They’re off in the Kentucky Derby! And Summer is Tomorrow had a great start and goes immediately to the early lead. Messier is away running with speed. Crown Pride to the outside. Epicenter is going to be taken back a bit down, down toward the inside as Taiba goes up outside of Charge It. 

Hi, everyone! Welcome back. That introduction was taken from a video titled: Kentucky Derby 2022 (Full Race). It was posted by NBC Sports and I recommend watching that video and alsothe one from 2009 to get in the mood for this episode. They were so good, I had to watch them twice. 

Before we begin this episode, I need to give a disclaimer: In this episode I will talk about some topics that some people consider explicit, such as talking about smoking, alcohol and gambling. I’m not a promoter of these things, but when talking about culture, they naturally come up. 

If you feel uncomfortable with these topics, or they aren’t suited for the age or the environment you’re in, I highly recommend listening to any other episode on this podcast. All right? 


I’d like to start today’s lesson with a question. What comes to mind when you think of Kentucky? I’ll give you a minute. 

Do you think of fried chicken from KFC? Kentucky Fried Chicken? Yep. That’s from there. 

Do you think of bourbon?

Bourbon is a barrel-aged American whiskey that is amber, brown, ororangish in color. Well, maybe you did! Many big name bourbon companies are from Kentucky, like Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey. 

Perhaps you thought of bluegrass music, that is, if you like, the genre. 

Chances are you did think of the Kentucky Derby because that’s the name of this episode.  

Today we’ll be talking all about the Kentucky Derby. Or if you’re a local, you just might refer to it as "Derby." And you’re in for a treat because it’s not only famous in Kentucky, it’s one of themost well-known horse races in the world. The winner can take home over $3 million. 

Let’s talk about the event and the unique culture surrounding it. Be sure to sign up to Season 3 or All Premium Content if you want the English learning material that goes along with this episode.  

On your mark, get set, go! 


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