How to Order Cocktails in English

ou walk into a restaurant and head towards the bar. Behind it, a lighted mosaic of colorful liquors spread from the ceiling to the floor. It’s fancy on another level. Some people may describe it as resplendent; it feels like you’re looking into a Queen’s jewelry box.

A long counter separates you from the skilled bartender behind it, who shakes, stirs and strains with ease. As you approach, you consider how you’ll place your order in English and suddenly you feel out of your element. In other words, you don’t feel comfortable. You feel out of your element.

How do you order a drink at a cocktail bar like a native? Well, in today’s lesson, you’ll learn just that.

In the first part of this episode, you’ll hear a story loaded with common cocktail terminology. I’ve weaved the words into context so that the learning process is a bit more entertaining than me simply reading a list of terms and giving you their definitions. However, I see the value in doing that too.

In part two, I will give you the definitions of the ten key terms of this story, and I’ll read you ten drink orders that customers in the United States might place at a bar so that when you walk away from this lesson, you’ll have at least ten new words in your vernacular and the confidence to whip them out when a bartender asks you if you’re ready to order.

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We’ll begin this story at that stunning, lavish bar we described at the beginning of this episode and you are that seasoned bartender. Lavish is just another way to say fancy and seasoned is a fancy way to say you’re experienced. You are a seasoned bartender behind the lavish bar. Are you ready?


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