Common Similes with Liz

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Welcome back to part two of my conversation with Liz.

Today, we’ll go through a handful of new similes and common comparisons. Remember from the last episode, a simile compares two things using the words like and as. Similes are fun, they can be funny and they paint very clear images in our mind.

For example, at night I sleep like a log. A log is part of a tree that has been cut down, such as the trunk or a big branch. They don’t actually sleep, but you can visualize it, right? It’s just heavy lying there, not moving. At nighttime, I sleep like a log.

After eating that heavy meal, I feel as big as a whale. As big as a whale. That’s another simile.

Comparisons like these make language fun, so listen closely to the audio by the end of this, I guarantee creating similes will be second nature to you. In other words, it’ll come naturally.


Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Shana: Yeah. So we’ve got, we’ve gotten halfway through the list so far. We’re going to go a little bit quicker with some of these terms, although I know there are still some good stories that will come out of this.

Just a reminder, we’re going to be pausing for 5 seconds after the as blank as a, just to give you a chance to think of what the comparison is. Stop, think, if you need to pause the audio, that’s also fine. Yeah. Let’s do this.

Shana: As sick as a.

Liz + Shana: A dog.


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