Discover Colorado with Lindsay

Shana: Hi, everyone. Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay McMahon, who is an ESL teacher and host of the All Ears English podcast.

Shana: Hi, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hi, Shana. I’m excited to be here. Thanks for having me on your show.

Shana: I am thrilled to have you. How’s your day going so far?

Lindsay: Fantastic, but this is the highlight of my day. Whenever I get to be on the podcast or a podcast with another podcaster, it is by far the best part of the day.

Shana: I love that. Have you always felt like that? Always felt confident speaking on a microphone?

Lindsay: Yeah. I mean, if I go back and I listen to our first ten, 15, 20 episodes, not so much. Right? But at some point the confidence just kicked in. And since then I’ve felt really good. It just feels natural. What about you?

Shana: That’s great. Yeah. I listened to the first episode, second episode, third episode, and it’s a little bit horrifying. I think back then I wasn’t even aware of a lot of mouth sounds.

Lindsay: Yes.

Shana: Clicking and ums and likes all over the place. And so I think in general I’ve become a better speaker.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Shana: To be able to say things off the cuff, you know, without preparation and have it actually come out like a normal thought process.

Lindsay: Absolutely. I mean, there are benefits to being a podcaster, right? Like, for example, I just got married a few weeks ago and someone handed me a microphone. Thank you. But the benefit was, you know, the person who did the ceremony handed me the microphone for my vows and I felt 100% confident with a mic in my hand. So, you know, this spills over all over our lives. So. 

Shana: Totally. Yeah, totally. So, yeah, I guess that kind of goes for everyone who’s listening. The more you speak, the more confident you will feel.

Lindsay: Yes. Love it.

Shana: So, speak all the time.

Lindsay: Exactly.

Shana: All right. So in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about a dream trip to Colorado. We’re going to dig into Lindsay’s brain and her experience in the state of Colorado to help shed light on the culture there. And the goal (sort of) of this conversation of course, it’s going to be very casual, is to not only make you want to visit the state of Colorado, but to give you some ideas about what you can do there. And I’m very excited. I have to admit, I’ve been to Colorado one time before, and it was for my honeymoon.


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Green Chili Chicken Soup
Green Chili Chicken Soup

Lindsay’s Recommendations

Copper Mountain – Ski resort that’s a somewhat short drive from Denver and has a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Molly Brown’s House – Museum and former home of an incredible woman who survived the Titanic.

Mining Tours – During the Gold and Silver Rush in Colorado, miners swarmed to Denver and its surroundings. Today you can still go on mine tours to take a look at that era in history.

Jelly – Breakfast and brunch. 

Cerebral Brewing – Great craft beer and fun place to hang out with your friends and / or dog. Breweries are perfect locals for meeting locals.

Aspen – Apres ski and people watching.

Mt. Bierstadt – Want to do a fourteener? Lindsay highly recommends this one.

Stanley Hotel – The hotel that inspired The Shining.


My recommendations: 

Boulder is a magical city. I’d easily live there! 

The breakfast place I couldn’t remember in the audio is called Snooze. The cinnamon roll pancakes were unreal! We had a phenomenal dinner at a Linger and dessert at the famous ice cream place, Little Man Ice Cream, right outside.