Expression: To Sugarcoat Something

ey, everyone, welcome back! Hope you’re well wherever you’re at. I’m in the San Fernando Valley in California, down south, and it’s now mid-summer and it’s so hot outside, sweltering in fact. All my plants are dying. But yeah, we’re alive. Thank goodness for fans and air conditioning. I’ve got ice water by my side. I look forward to icy cold lemonades. We will survive.

Today, I’ve got a lot in store for you, and this lesson is going to be super sweet. In the first part of the lesson, you will learn the expression to sugarcoat something. And in part two, we’ll talk all about donuts. You’ll learn all about the history, how to describe them. You’ll learn the different types of sweet treats you’ll see in the display case at a donut shop and so much more. The research for part two was a lot of fun and I know you’re going to enjoy it, so stay tuned. Be sure to also check out episode 80 if you like this sort of topic. The expression for that episode was Hit The Spot and the fun fact was about Ben & Jerry’s. It was a very cool story and another sweet episode.

I’d like to point out that I do try and keep this podcast well rounded. I want to be sure to cover important people in American history, science, history, business, society, and culture. And I know it’s impossible to cover everything, but if you would like to hear a specific topic, I encourage you to write to me on Instagram at American English Podcast. I love to hear your guys’ input. And yeah, I try to get to some of the stories you guys mention. So for today, let’s get to it!

We’re going to start with a joke and my daughter Julia has been nice enough to join me in telling it. Are you ready?


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