Donuts: Culture and History of the United States

"This is a significantly better doughnut. It’s coated in glaze, the chocolate tastes better. It’s got more sprinkles. And I just think that the way the doughnut gave in my mouth was what I want from a doughnut."

"It gaveth and you taketh. All right, I’m going to give the Dunkin’ a five, and I’m going to give this Krispy Kreme a seven."

– Good Mythical Morning 


Hi, everybody. My name is Shana, and this is the American English Podcast. My goal here is to teach you the English spoken in the United States. Through common expressions, pronunciation tips and interesting cultural snippets or stories, I hope to keep this fun, useful, and interesting. Let’s do it!


Hey, everyone. You’re now listening to part two of Episode 125, and you’re going to be learning all about Donuts. You heard two of the very funny guys from Good Mythical Morning in that introduction. It was taken from a video called Dunkin’ vs. Krispy Kreme Taste Test – Food Feuds. Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme are the two largest donut chains in the United States. You’ll hear about them in this episode. Stay tuned.

We’ll start today with a little story.

My dad has always been the champion of breakfast food. On Saturday morning, he’d be the first up standing next to a bowl of batter in the kitchen, making a stack of pancakes so picture-worthy, it could have been in an ad for IHOP. You guys know IHOP? The International House of Pancakes? Yeah, they always have really great photography.

If my dad wasn’t making pancakes, it was waffles. If it wasn’t waffles, it was French toast. And always, as a final touch on top of whatever it was he was making, he’d put a dollop of butter and just enough maple syrup to start your day with a skip.

On occasion, my dad would crave savory breakfasts – breakfast that weren’t sweet, that had a bit of salt in them. Those mornings I’d wake up to the smell of bacon. And if you’re not vegetarian …

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