Colds, Flus and Sicknesses - American English Podcast

Hi, everyone. Welcome back! We’re on episode 116 and today we’re going to talk about colds, flus and other sicknesses. In this episode, you’ll hear many symptoms, remedies and just general terms related to sickness – also known as illness – in English. This episode will be very useful if you need to be seen by a doctor in the U.S., or if you have to call in sick to work. In general, it’s just good to know how to describe what’s wrong with you when you aren’t feeling so hot.

This episode was inspired by my family members who have been coughing and sneezing (achoo!) nonstop for the past week. We’re OK. I can’t complain, but you might notice how congested I am by the sound of my voice.

In this episode, there is a ton of topic-specific vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations presented in a short time frame, and therefore this is an advanced listening exercise. You can take notes, look up vocab and do all of the grunt work on your own, or if you want the easy route, you can get the premium content I’ve created for this episode at

Premium content for 5-minute English episodes include everything you need in order to master the challenging terms you hear in the audio. You’ll be given the definitions for key vocabulary, exercises to practice it, as well as quizzes to make sure you’ve learned what you should have, a pronunciation video and so much more. Once again, you can find the premium content at or find the direct link to the premium content inside of the episode notes. (See image and link below).