A Vacation in Hawaii

About three Christmases ago, Lucas and I showed up to my parents house for our annual gift exchange and a Christmas party and found a pineapple under the tree with a fancy golden envelope. In it, was an invitation to Hawaii. Or maybe I should say a voucher for an all-paid vacation: round trip tickets, lodging and food.

It was a very generous gift from my parents, one that they had been thinking about for over a decade. The truth is, they’ve always wanted grandkids, and they’ve been bringing up the idea of bringing their kids and grandkids to the islands for what seems like forever. Just last week, after three years of COVID and new babies in the family, we finally went. And today I’m going to share a little bit about our trip and also previous trips to Hawaii.

Trips, I say (plural), because there have been multiple. My parents love Hawaii so much that as a kid, it felt like it was the only place we ever traveled to. I can’t complain, though, there is so much to do and see on the islands, it’s impossible to get island fever, at least as a tourist.

Hopefully, by the end of this chat, you’ll get a good feeling of what it’s like to visit the Hawaiian Islands. If you would like to challenge yourself, I suggest writing down 10 facts you learn about our island state.

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