Expression to Rock the Boat

Hi, everyone. I am so excited to be back. Today we’ve got a lot in store, actually. First, I’ll go through a new feature on the website, which I’m pretty excited about. And then we’ll go through a joke, an expression and some pronunciation exercises.

In the second part of this episode, part two, we’ll do the fun fact about the United States. Today, that’ll be all about sharks and shark attacks in U.S. waters.

Unlike other episodes, I’ve decided to separate the expression part from the fun fact. Reason being, I think it’ll be easier for listeners to find the fun facts – so all of this cultural content that is in this podcast – easier.

Before we get started with the expression, I’d like to give a huge shout out to two listeners, Rolf and Martyn. About two months ago, I added a little button on my website that reads, "buy me a coffee." I just thought, shoot, I’ll add this in case anyone who really likes my content wants to send a small token of appreciation. And on two separate occasions, I received a little message in my inbox saying I received a coffee, which is so cool. I just wanted to say thank you to Martyn and to Rolf for sending those, you made my day and I had coffee actually. I had them, I went to a coffee shop, my favorite coffee shop, with my daughters and my husband twice. And yeah, I thought about your support while I was there.

If you’re listening and you really like the content, there are different ways to support. Once again, that buy me a coffee button is really cool. And also, if you want to write a review on Apple Podcasts, I see those and I can’t express how happy I get when I get a review on there. For the number of people listening, very few people actually take the time to write a review. So thanks to everyone who has made them.

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