A Dream Trip to the Maldives

Shana: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to the American English Podcast. Today I have a very special guest. Charlie – you guys know him already – he’s been on the podcast twice before, he’s been on two episodes. We talked about British desserts and just dessert adjectives in general, and that was a few episodes back, I’ll mention the episode numbers at the end of this podcast, if you’d like to listen to them. And he’s back again to talk about trips; an ideal trip that he would like to take somewhere in the world. I don’t know yet. So I have a series of questions for him, and we’re going to dive into his imagination and see what, yeah, what his ideal experience would look like. So welcome, Charlie!

Charlie: Hello. Thank you very much for having me yet again. I’m honored.

Shana: Yes, the British English Podcast is doing phenomenal… phenomenally, by the way. I’m very impressed with the episodes and the, you know, the different things that you’re coming out with. How is it going?

Charlie: Yeah, it’s going very well. Thank you very much for saying that. Yeah, we’re almost a year old. Yeah, yeah, this month. So happy with the progress that a year I’ve managed to do within a year. And yeah, I’m having more fun thinking up different ideas. I’ve recently stumbled across the idea of doing commentary on children’s books, which is actually creating a lot of fun for me when I’m writing it.


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