Animals and Nature of Brazil

(Sigh of relief) I feel so relaxed. My family just returned from a month-long trip in Brazil. It was really, really good. We got to experience nature, wildlife, amazing food, and of course, we got to see family.

There are definitely some ups and downs when traveling with a baby and a toddler. At one point, I was on the verge of tears on the airplane because I realized it’s impossible to sleep vertically while having a squirming human in my lap.

At times, we were horrified by Clara’s piercing screams echoing through the airplane cabin. Uh, yeah. We were that family that annoys every single other human on board. It wasn’t fun.

But today I’m not going to speak about the struggles of traveling with children, I’m going to be talking about the highlights of our trip and most importantly, teach ten very common collective nouns for animals.

Now, a collective noun is a word used to describe a group.


For example, when you see a lot of birds flying together, we would call them a flock.

Right? A flock of birds flew overhead.

Randomly, flock is also used for sheep.

So, the shepherd led a flock of sheep back home.

It’s important to note that there are a ton of collective nouns for animals in English. However, there is a small number that are regularly used in conversations. In this lesson, the goal is to only teach you what the average American knows and uses. I don’t want to teach things that are not useful

So pay attention, stay tuned. At the very end, you will hear the full list and also get an opportunity to practice your pronunciation.