Expression: To Push Someone's Buttons

Do you think you should look in on him, please? 

Not once we started the experiment. 

But what if something’s happened to the man; had an attack or something there. 

The experiment requires that we continue.

Don’t the man’s health mean anything? 

Whether the learner likes it or not, we must…

But he might be dead in there! I mean some people can’t take this shock, sir.

Please continue.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I mean, I think you should look in on him. 

I mean, all you gotta do is look in the door. If I don’t get no answer, no noise, something I think has happened to the gentleman in there, sir. 

We must continue. Go on, please.


Hi, everyone. We’re back today with episode number one hundred and three, and this episode is chock-full of intermediate to advanced English.

As usual, in these expression episodes, you’ll hear a joke, you’ll learn an expression, you’ll get to practice your pronunciation and hear a fun fact related to the history and culture of the United States.

In the introduction to today’s episode, you heard a snippet taken from footage from the Milgram Experiment, a psychology experiment that took place at Yale University in 1961, which was designed to test an individual’s responsiveness – or obedience – to authority.

The study was unique for a number of reasons, extremely controversial, and it’s well-known in the field of psychology. The test itself is shocking, its results about the mind and human behavior even more so. If you haven’t heard of the experiment before, or even if you have and want to refresh your memory, stay tuned for the second part of this audio.