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In this episode, you'll hear about what's coming in Season 3 as well as news from California.

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By Shana Thompson

Hi, everyone. Welcome back! Welcome to Season 3 actually.

I’m so excited that we’ve made it to Season 3. It’s been a long one hundred episodes, doesn’t actually sound like that much, but it has been a long time; two full years of podcasting! And I’m just so happy that you guys are supporting me.

So how is it going where you’re at? Here, it’s very hot. The temperature has reached up into the hundreds now. In Celsius, I believe it got up to 44, if that makes more sense than Fahrenheit. Anyway, it’s really hot, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside under the canopy that we have in our backyard, spending a lot of time in the kiddie pool that we set up for the girls. It’s nice to have very cold hose water so that we can spray ourselves down every now and then.

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