098 - 10 Words a Day: Alex's Dating Disasters (Verbs with Sound 1-10)


In this episode, you'll hear a story about a man named Alex who is having difficulty finding his perfect match. In the story, you'll be exposed to 10 VERBS THAT PRODUCE sound.

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By Shana Thompson

Hey, everyone! How’s it going?

Today, we have a very new episode type. It’s called 10 Words a Day, and this is designed for all intermediate and advanced listeners who feel like they always use the same words. If that’s you, this is your chance to expand your vocabulary.

My goal here is to teach you ten new words.

  • First, I’ll tell you a story. You do not need to understand everything in the story. The goal is for this to be like real life. Right, we’re often exposed to new language that we don’t understand the first time we listen, we need to understand from context.
  • Second, I’ll go through the ten key words. You may know some of these words already, and that’s great. However, this is also where maybe some of the confusing words will start to make sense. Be sure to make a mental note of the words you don’t know.
  • Thirdly, you’ll hear the story once again. Listening to the story a second time is crucial. When you’ve heard the definitions, you should be able to understand most of the audio.

As a listener of this episode, I know that almost one hundred percent of the time you are not in a situation where you can or want to get a piece of paper out to do extra work. Based on all of your messages I received after listening to episode number 93, a lot of you are out walking or stuck in traffic or doing dishes when you’re listening to this podcast. But here’s the thing. You can make the most out of this episode by writing your own original sentences with the words that you hear. All right?

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