094 - Expression: To Ring a Bell

In this episode, you'll learn how to use the common English expression TO RING A BELL and all about THE LIBERTY BELL.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

Ted: Why do I hang out with you? Why? All I wanted was to have a regular beer, in my regular bar, with my regular friends in my regular city.

Barney: Ted, Ted, Ted, you’re not even looking! Ted: No, I’m not.

Barney: Look, our forefathers died for the pursuit of happiness, OK? Not for the sit around and wait of happiness. Now, if you want, you can go to the same bar, drink the same beer, talk to the same people every day, or you can lick the Liberty Bell. You can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it.

Driver: That was beautiful, man.

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the American English Podcast. In today’s episode, we’re going to have a mini history lesson about the Liberty Bell, which is a giant bell in Philadelphia that is a symbol of freedom in the United States. One of the things that is iconic about the Liberty Bell is the massive crack down the middle of it.

You may have recognized the voices in that introduction, which was taken from episode number three of the series, How I Met Your Mother. Those voices were of Barney and Ted, who are two main characters on the show. And in that particular episode, they decided to follow two attractive women on a plane from New York to Philadelphia, and the women turned them down. The women were not interested in them, and so Barney and Ted changed plans and decided to go on a mission to lick the crack in the Liberty Bell.

Now, this is not a thing. People do not get lucky if they lick the crack in the Liberty Bell or kiss the Liberty Bell. This is just something that was part of that particular episode. Be sure to stay tuned if you are interested in learning more about that iconic bell.

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