089 - Dessert adjectives with charlie

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Learn plenty of new adjectives to describe desserts more creatively in English.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

Hi Everyone!

Christmas is just a few days away and what better way to prepare than by learning how to describe desserts in English. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holiday season tends to be a time of indulgence; if you’re not diving into calorie-filled desserts with your family members (even just on Zoom this year), what are you doing?!?

In English the four tastes are sweet, salty, sour and bitter (some also mention umami). Today, we’ll talk about other adjectives to describe your favorite desserts so that you can get more creative when talking about them.

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Shana - ESL Teacher

Hi Everyone! I am an ESL teacher from California and the host of the American English Podcast. Learn more about me and my teaching experience here.

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