082 - Halloween Story: The Red Spot
(Lower Intermediate)

In this episode, you'll hear a popular scary story called The Red Spot. You should be able to understand the story if you have a lower intermediate level of English. Advanced tips at end.

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By Shana Thompson


Hi, everybody. It’s October, and I know I’ve already done one episode on… kind of, the feeling that comes along with fall. That was episode #81. And yeah, a 5-minute English episode with a lot of vocabulary about the season and about Halloween.

So in today’s episode, I’d like to first let you know of previous episodes I’ve done on Halloween and this October feeling, this creepy, mysterious Halloween feeling, I suppose. And also dive into a story that disturbed me to an extreme extent when I was a kid and also throughout my adulthood. So I look back on this story and I still am very freaked out.

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