068 - Initialisms in Conversation: Party Culture + More

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068 - Initialisms in Conversation

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In this episode of the American English Podcast, we will talk about initialisms which are a type of abbreviation. The initialisms discussed are used in PRE-PARTY and PARTY situations.

In the first part of the discussion I explain the difference between initialism and acronym. I also explain a list of party initialisms (such as RSVP, BYOB, etc.). In the second part, you will hear a conversation with my mom using them all in a discussion about PARTY CULTURE IN THE U.S..


Hi, everyone. How’s it going? This week, we’re going to do another Chats with Shana episode about a topic that I think is really important: Initialisms in conversation.

Now, I know that a lot of you probably saw the name of this podcast episode and hopped on over to another one just because you might not be familiar with the term initialisms. An initialism is an abbreviation that we use as regular vocabulary.

For example, if there’s someone that smells really bad and they’re near you, you might say, “Hmm, someone here has B.O.” B stands for body, the O stands for odor, and instead of saying body odor, we say B.O.. It means that they have stinky armpits, that they didn’t use deodorant, they didn’t wash themselves properly. And you get the point. So that is an initialism.

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