061 - Baseball culture and expressions with Liz Johson


In this episode, you'll learn all Baseball Culture in the U.S. and Common Baseball Expressions used in Everyday Life.

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By Shana Thompson

Hi, everybody. Hope you’re having a nice day. Today I have a special guest, her name is Liz Johnson, and we’ll be talking about baseball. After doing this recording, I realized how integral baseball expressions are to American English. We use them every day and with that in mind, I decided to take that extra long audio recording of Liz and I divided it into two reasonably-sized episodes.

Both of these will be available to all listeners for free. If this episode sparks your interest in American English Slang, be sure to check out the episode web page. There, I’ll post a link to the American English slang book, which is also free for all of you. If you’d like to get the transcript as well as bonus material, including quizzes, exercises and more, be sure to visit the Classroom at americanenglishpodcast.com.

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