059 - Springtime in the U.S.


In this 5-Minute English Episode, you'll learn all about Springtime in the U.S.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

Hello and welcome back! I’m happy to have you here for this new 5-minute English episode. 

In the first 5-minute English episode, episode #55, about Three Trending Diets To Lose Winter Weight, I mentioned that the content part of these episodes will be limited to five minutes. Within that timeframe, you’ll hear a high concentration of vocabulary words, expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations and much more, related to one topic.

That’s right, these are topic-specific episodes. By the end, if you learn and internalize, all of the must-know vocabulary, you should be confident enough to discuss this topic with a native speaker.

We’re calling this method fluency one topic at a time. Fluency, of course, as you all know, is an abstract concept, which can make it challenging to achieve without direction. I hope that by breaking the learning process up into bite-sized pieces, you’ll get that direction you need and that you’ll also find it manageable and fun (hopefully!). 

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Hi Everyone! I am an ESL teacher from California and the host of the American English Podcast. Learn more about me and my teaching experience here.

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