059 - Springtime in the U.S.

In this 5-Minute English Episode, you'll learn all about Springtime in the U.S.

059 - 5-Minute English: Springtime in the U.S.

Hi Everyone!

In this week’s episode, you’ll have another 5-Minute English Episode about Springtime in the U.S.. It’s jam-packed with vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations! 

Hello and welcome back! I’m happy to have you here for this new 5-minute English episode. 

In the first 5-minute English episode, episode #55, about 3 Trending Diets To Lose Winter Weight, I mentioned that the content part of these episodes will be limited to five minutes. Within that timeframe, you’ll hear a high concentration of vocabulary words, expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations and much more, related to one topic.

That’s right, these are topic-specific episodes. By the end, if you learn and internalize, all of the must-know vocabulary, you should be confident enough to discuss this topic with a native speaker.

We’re calling this method fluency one topic at a time. Fluency, of course, as you all know, is an abstract concept, which can make it challenging to achieve without direction. I hope that by breaking the learning process up into bite-sized pieces, you’ll get that direction you need and that you’ll also find it manageable and fun (hopefully!). . .

Get full transcript here.

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