052 - Expression: A Bun In The Oven


In this expression episode, you'll learn all about the OCTOMOM, a woman who gave birth to octuplets, and how to use the common English expression A BUN IN THE OVEN.

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

"… my childish desires to have a huge, not a huge family, but a family."

"But it is a huge family."

"It’s a huge family, it’s a ridiculously huge family. I figured while I was doing great with six  and I was on my way, I almost was getting my masters and I was … I have such an extraordinary amount of energy, but I was taking advantage of my energy level thinking, well, what’s one more?"


Hey, everyone. How’s it going? That introduction was taken from Oprah in a video titled Octomom on the Everyday Caring for 14 Children. The video shows 24 hours in a day with the very famous Nadya Suleman, a woman who became famous in 2009 when she gave birth to the only living octuplets. That’s right. She gave birth to eight babies. Today, we’re going to talk about her and the highly controversial issues that surround this story.

Before we get to the fun fact of the day, though, I’d like to make some announcements. The first announcement I’d like to make is that on March 19th, this podcast will be one year old.

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