046 - Chats with Shana - A Cultural Trip Through Florida


In this Chats with Shana episode, you'll hear about our trip to Florida and our experience with the food, people and culture.

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By Shana Thompson

Hi, everybody. This is another Chats with Shana episode where we talk casually about anything and everything.

So this week is the last week of a three week long vacation / sort of work trip in Florida and I figured I’d talk about our trip and some of the things that have surprised me about the culture here.

As I mentioned in last week’s episode, we came here for Lucas, my husband, who is starting to write songs with Spanish-speaking songwriters. Overall, it was a pretty successful trip, I think, for him. He and another Brazilian friend managed to write four very catchy songs in Spanish and a few more that are a mix of Portuguese and Spanish; songs that sort of blend aspects of reggaeton with Sertenejo, which is a Brazilian genre of music.

Once some of the songs are recorded, I’ll be sure to play some of them on the podcast for you so you can listen and let me know if you think they’re any good.

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