045 - Expression: To Put Someone On a Pedastal

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In this expression episode, you'll learn all about GROUNDHOG'S DAY in the U.S. and how to use the common English expression TO PUT SOMEONE ON A PEDASTAL.

 American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

"Predicting the weather, that’s my song. For 133 years, I’ve never been wrong. So is it early spring or more winter forecast? Stop the music. Here is my forecast: Faithful followers, there is no shadow of me, a beautiful spring it shall be."


Hi, everybody. Hope you’re doing well. Things are (going) pretty well here other than I have a sore throat, so I apologize in advance if my voice sounds a little funny. My family and I decided to spend the month of January in Florida, the idea being that Lucas can kick off his music career in the US by writing with Spanish-speaking songwriters. It’s been pretty interesting here so far other than all of us getting sick, but I’ll definitely talk about that a little bit more in a future episode.

For today, we’ll be talking a little bit about the expression to put someone on a pedestal. We’ll do some pronunciation exercises and we’ll talk about Groundhog’s Day, which is a goofy and very popular tradition in the US and Canada every year on February 2nd. At the event, a groundhog informs the public whether winter will continue or whether spring will come early.

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Shana - ESL Teacher

Hi Everyone! I am an ESL teacher from California and the host of the American English Podcast. Learn more about me and my teaching experience here.

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