101 American English Slang Used in Everyday Conversation

041 – American English Slang with Liz Johnson

In Episode #41, my good friend Liz Johnson and I planned on talking about 10 AMERICAN ENGLISH SLANG WORDS that we use on a daily basis. After all is said and done, we ended up sharing about 20 very common words and phrases! That’s a lot of slang. Notice how I didn’t write slang with an “s” because slang with an “s” doesn’t exist. It is uncountable. Learn slang. Learn slang words.

The examples shared in the audio are real and personal and we hope that you will learn how you can insert them into your everyday life. My mom (58 years old) gave her seal of approval on these words as well; they can be used by all age groups.

There is FREE BOOK that goes along with this audiobook that is available at https://americanenglishpodcast.com/101-american-english-slang-words/. You can also get the audio version of this book available there for just $1.99! Check it out.


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