035 - Expression: The Last Straw


In this expression episode, you'll learn the history of COCA COLA and how to use the common English expression THE LAST STRAW.

The American English Podcast

The American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

"Yeah, there’s just nothing like ice skating. It was a wonderful fun way back in our grandparents’ day and it’s still the favorite winter recreation, enjoyed by young and old everywhere. 

Now time hasn’t changed the fun of ice skating nor the need to stop now and then, rest up and refresh. And for fast refreshment, there’s just nothing like a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola. So tangy and taste so ever fresh, and sparkle. Coke has a distinctive flavor that’s never been equaled and the way Coca-Cola brings you back so refreshed so quickly."


Hi, everyone. In that introduction, you heard a snippet from a Coke commercial from the 1950s. The recording was taken from the Discovering History Channel on YouTube in a video titled Official Best Coca-Cola Commercials – Ever Since the 1950s

Today, as you probably guessed, the fun topic will be all about Coca-Cola. We’ll talk about its history, the recipe for it and essentially how it became a billion dollar company. But before we get to all of that, I’d like to start this lesson with a joke, an expression and some pronunciation exercises.

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