030 - Expression: In the Loop


In this expression episode, you'll learn all about the HYPERLOOP and how to use the common English expression IN THE LOOP.

 American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

"Billed as the fastest way to cross the surface of the earth, Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations.  With passengers sitting in pods, the travel at airline speed through pressurized tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation, the concept promises to slash journey times between major cities from several hours to a matter of minutes."


Hi everyone! How’s it going? In that introduction, you heard a British man (it sounds like) speaking about the Hyperloop. And the Hyperloop is a very new sort of crazy fast form of transportation that is in development and we’re going to talk about it in today’s episode. But first, if you’d like to check out that link to the video, I’ll post the link within the transcript. It’s called Hyperloop Explained and it actually contains a lot of the same information I’m going to talk about today… of course, in British English. So listen to this one first, and then head over there and see if you can understand his accent.

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