026 - 25 Facts about Canada with Dana

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In this episode, Dana (the host from Can Learn English) and I will go through 25 intriguing facts about Canada. Get ready to learn all about Canadian culture!

American English Podcast

American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

Hello and welcome back! On today’s episode we have a guest, Dana Clémençon, from the Can Learn English podcast. Together, we’ll read through 25 interesting facts about Canada and hear Dana’s personal very Canadian opinion about them. So let’s get to it!


Shana Hi Dana. 

Dana Hello Shana. 

Dana How are you? 

Shana Good. How are you doing?

Dana Good. I am back from my holidays in Canada now. Back in Switzerland. So it was a little bit tough with the with the jetlag, but. . . 

Shana OK. Where are you from in Canada?

Dana I am from a place called London, Ontario, which is in southwestern Ontario. It’s between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. 

Shana OK, very cool. So actually just to preface this, yes, I’m Shana as you all know,  and then I’m here today with Dana, Dana Clémençon, or what is your real last name. 

Dana Clémençon, that’s it, yup!

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