025 - Chats with Shana - The County Fair


In this Chats with Shana episode, you'll hear about our trip to the County Fair!

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By Shana Thompson

Hi everyone! Here we are again with one of the Chats with Shana episode, and these are episodes where I speak with very little to no direction at all. And the reason for that is I want you to hear how I connect different ideas in English. So pay attention to these transitions, I don’t necessarily have a direction and so you will hear how I move from one topic to another. 

And in today’s little chat I’d like to just talk about some things that are going on in my life here in Northern California. As I mention in most of these Chats with Shana episodes, I live in Northern California close to Sacramento, close to San Francisco and in an area that’s somewhat rural. 

It’s not a big city and the city is surrounded by countryside. So there are fields of sunflowers, fields to grow cherries and almonds and there are a lot of fig trees. Lots of agriculture. 

Naturally, it’s a great place to have a county fair. So I went to the county fair in Woodland just last week and it was an interesting experience. And so I want to talk about that experience with you because there’s a lot of cultural aspects to it that I think are interesting to consider. And also, you know, you can kind of compare and contrast maybe these sorts of aspects to the way that county fairs are run where you’re from.

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