020 - Expression: To Play With Fire

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In this expression episode, you'll learn how to use the common English expression TO PLAY WITH FIRE and for the fun fact you'll learn all about BURNING MAN; an annual festival in the Nevadan desert.

The American English Podcast

The American English Podcast

By Shana Thompson

“I feel that Burning Man is a magical thing. If you go into a bar at your home and you say hey . . . you tell your friends I want to build a whale and we’re going to all drive around it and it’s going to have a cocktail bar and it’s going to shoot flame out of the spout and we’ll be able to fit a hundred people on it. We’ll have a dance party and djs and stuff. People will say, yeah whatever, have another drink, you’re an idiot. But if you attach “for Burning Man” to that, people immediately know that it’s a possible thing and so many impossible things that I’ve heard people say to me, I’ve seen here.”


I’m so very excited about the topic in today’s episode. We’re going to talk about Burning Man, which is a huge event that takes place in Nevada’s Desert every single year. In that intro, you heard a man give you one small taste of what you’ll find at that event. I’ll post the link to that video in the transcript. It’s from a video called Reborn From The Ashes: Burning Man 2015. 

In this episode, we’ll talk more about this event, how it got started and what it’s like to actually participate in it. But before we get to that I’d like to start with a joke, an expression and some exercises to practice your pronunciation. 

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Shana - ESL Teacher

Hi Everyone! I am an ESL teacher from California and the host of the American English Podcast. Learn more about me and my teaching experience here.

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